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Founded in 1984 Lectura published the first reference guide for Construction Machinery in that very year.

The need for market information grew as well as Lectura´s portfolio of technical price guides - construction, forklifts, cranes, access, lifting, agriculture and municipal equipment were added over the years.

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Dealers, contractors and rentals

Dealers, contractors and other industry professionals need technical information about equipment and the residual values. Lectura´s guide to sales and purchase prices help companies to maximize their profit. With Lectura Fleet Valuation professionals can quickly appraise all their equipment with one click.

Banks, Leasing and Insurance

Financial companies need to know the current values as well as future price trends. Insurance, leasing and banks require reliable, up to date market information to handle their assets and LECTURA has the right product for each customer group.


Lectura offers tailor made solutions for manufacturers and their dealer network. Analysis of the current market situation considering equipment listings and auction results. Competitor and product analysis - specification and pricing. Market data download for internal statistics and calculations.


Finance authorities, tax bureaus and customs offices are globally using Lectura products to reliably determine the correct, up to date and fair value of operations and transactions.

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Check out our products and do not hesitate to contact us for your individual solution.

Lectura Guides

Printed reference guides including technical data, residual values, multiple industries and regions, available as printed or online versions and in multiple languages!

Online products

Individual and fleet valuation, technical data for various mobile machinery, original datasheet downloads.

Market and product analysis

Statistics from listings and auctions, technical comparison of equipment, market shares. Individual customer analysis.

Corporate solutions and agency services

Individual OEM portals, solutions for dealers and support. Media consulting and agency services.