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The largest database of technical specification on the internet – and the best; it´s FREE! covering 9 industries, 346 categories, 1.400 + manufacturers, 15.000 + pictures, 40.000 data sheets, 80.000 + models, 1.000.000 technical parameters with daily updates!!!

Lectura Specs offers besides a free access to technical specification many other features and tools:


Lectura is matching offers from major market places as well as auctions and linking these directly to models in the Specs database.

Transport Calculator

Select a model and enter relevant information as location, destination, contact details etc. and submit the form.


Lectura provides smart tabs for spare parts. You just browse the Lectura database and check in the tab, which parts are available for your selected machine.

Safety Zone

Working safety is an important issue and for this reason this section was added. We are showing safety materials as manuals, videos and other related information with the corresponding categories in sections. You can see samples of safety materials and order directly from our partners.

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