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Use LECTURA’s traffic to boost your sales

Connecting with the right audience when you are trying to sell more is usually a time consuming and difficult process. But not when you have digital platforms with a traffic of over 1,2 million visitors every month – and growing – like WE DO. 

Do your business a favor and get to the people that fit your targeted customer profile with LECTURA’s B2B lead generation services that give you the opportunity to turn our visitors into your customers, faster and easier: 

Step 1: First, people discover your business through one of LECTURA’s digital marketing channels:

  • LECTURA BuyersGuide – Heavy Machinery and  Equipment Encyclopedia with over 1,2 million users every month, a traffic that has grown 5 times in 3 years. Visit the BuyersGuide
  • LECTURA News – Machinery Industry news & reports daily with over 31.000 articles read and almost 25.000 international visitors per month. Visit the LECTURA News

Step 2: Our visitors then click on your promotion’s call-to-action visible on one of our channels or fill a form in case of service inquiry 

Step 3: That call-to-action takes our visitors either to your website directly to capture the lead or to a solution implemented on our website and sending the captured information to you via email, API or any other solution


Would you like to find out what are the best lead generation strategies for your business? Tell us who are the people that you want to notice you and we’ll build one that suits your needs the best. 


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