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Put your ad in front of all 10,5 million LECTURA professional users from 246 countries that visited our websites over the past 12 months to get reliable information about machinery! 

Your potential customers are already researching products on LECTURA’s digital platforms. Use our online and offline B2B and B2C advertising campaigns to promote your brand, and we will make sure that our audience sees your machines and services on all our channels. 


LECTURA BuyersGuide – our digital professional platform for the whole equipment industry, with over 1,2 million users every month, over 165.000 machines with specifications, pictures and data sheets to be explored, and over 2 million viewed machines monthly! Available in 13 languages, so that people from other countries can get to you as well. Visit the BuyersGuide

LECTURA News – our media service dedicated to the entire machinery industry  – construction, material handling, lifting & access, transport, rental and agriculture – available both in English and German, with over 31.000 read articles and almost 25.000 international visitors every month. Visit the LECTURA News

LECTURA NewsLetters – our weekly media digital reports of the latest industry insights sent to almost 28.000 subscribers every month. Subscribe to receive NewsLetters 

LECTURA DigiMessenger – LECTURA’s quarterly digital magazine publication with over 30.000 readers per month that brings you the latest news, equipment analysis, job reports and guides in the heavy machinery industry. Read the latest DigiMessenger issue.


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