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Everything that happens in your company is important, as long as you don’t keep it all to yourself. Spread the good word about your business accomplishments and everything else that you want the industry to find out about, with our Press Premium service that guarantees the publication of all your press releases not on just one channel – like traditional magazines – but on more with a very very large and targeted audience.

  •  you send us your press release
  •  we publish it on LECTURA News website that has over 31.000 articles read and almost 25.000 international visitors per month and then send it also in our weekly LECTURA NewsLetters that has almost 28.000 recipients
  • our visitors read about your business, get interested in your products and services and become potential customers
  • you get more media attention and build more brand awareness
  • you start to sell more to more people
  •  everyone is happy. 

And the best part? It’s almost FREE.


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