Heavy user? Automate!

Rich data as a service via our RESTful API. Specs, prices, trading-data, catalogs – fully available for your systems. An API is an “application programming interface”, which makes it easy for your IT to integrate the below-mentioned features in your systems with very little coding efforts. Please see below what our new API has to offer! Your IT guys will know what to do…

Specs for > 120.000 machine models

Connect to Europe‘s largest automated supply of technical machinery data. Updated daily.

No more „duplicates“ in your systems

Standardize your data collection. Our closed „catalogue“ provides all your systems (CRM, web- applications, sales apps, etc..) with a unique naming convention.

Elastic machinery search as a service

Type anything, our API-integrated search engine completes data entry while your typing.

Millions of datasets for listed machinery & auctions…

…worldwide. Automatically receive up-to-date data feeds about e.g. fair market values based on models, countries, locations, etc. and integrate directly into your systems.

List- and other price indications for > 120.000 models

Assess the plausibility of your existing market data and experience with LECTURA prices and valuations via API!

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